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Belt Conveyor Suppliers

Hebei TongXiang Conveyor Machinery Co.,Ltd, with Low Maintenance, Minimum Downtime and Long Lifetime advantages. Has many types of rollers: Trough idler, Return roller, Impact roller, HDPE roller, Garland roller, Guide roller, Cone roller, Rubber disc return roller, Rubber/Steel spiral return roller.

According to the working environment, the drive unit is driven by an asynchronous motor with a torque limiting type fluid coupling and a speed reducer. The motor is connected to the fluid coupling and then connected to the reducer. The output shaft of the reducer is connected to the drive roller through the coupling. The entire transmission is arranged in parallel with the conveyor, and is equipped with a disc brake and a backstop to ensure the safety of the conveyor. Brake and prevent reversal.

Belt conveyor system is used in the underground inclined shaft transportation system of the coal mine. The original parameters are: capacity. When used in coal mines, a flame retardant conveyor belt must be selected. Conveyor transportation volume and transportation distance are relatively large, considering the factors such as roadway development and investment cost, and choosing to increase the belt speed to meet the transportation requirements, but the belt speed must be guaranteed by the following conditions: high quality roller and conveying Machine safety, conveyor installation quality, ventilation requirements.

The design of the belt conveyor shutdown process requires consideration of downtime, tension displacement, belt tension and other issues. The ideal shutdown process should also be carried out in accordance with speed control, and it is necessary to consider the possibility of the conveyor being de-energized during design. Therefore, the free stop process must be checked during design. When the free stop process cannot meet the requirements, the brake should be set. The brake setting position should be at the rear of the low tension zone to increase the tension in the low tension zone. The downtime depends on the allowable downtime of the conveyor. The purpose of ensuring a small distance is to prevent accidents during the shutdown process and the coordination of the front and rear conveyors on the conveyor line. The conventional calculation method cannot accurately calculate the conveyor during the shutdown process. Running distance. For the running distance of the head and tail of the conveyor during free stop, the initial value of time 0 in the figure is the elongation of the head-to-tail conveyor belt during normal operation. Therefore, the brake needs to be set to reduce this value. After many simulation experiments, it can be found that when the braking torque of the brake is set to 3000 Nm, the problems occurring in the elimination can be eliminated.