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Protection Of Broken Conveyor Belt

TongXiang Conveyor Machinery is a conveyor accessories manufactory in China.Broken belt is a big problem in the conveyor Belt use.

Application Advise Tape Conveyor is the best equipment for continuous transportation and reprinting of bulk materials. It is widely used in various fields. In the case of coal mines, the first choice of belt conveyor for the main shaft of mine shaft is the first choice of modern mine shaft. However, the tapes bearing the material have been broken by belt in high-speed and high-tension working conditions, especially in the case of broken shaft incline. It is huge. First, the damage caused by the transport equipment itself can range from a few million. Secondly, it is more difficult to handle the accident to resume production. It is extremely difficult to clean hundreds of tons of coal and kilometers of tape at the bottom of the inclined shaft. The loss of production is huge, amazing.

Broken belt to prevent and reduce losses is a problem that must be solved, the implementation of break protection is included in the safety regulations. However, it is very difficult for a large-size belt conveyor to carry out the reliable technology of belt breaking protection. Therefore, it is necessary to continuously carry out the technical research on the belt breaking protection, and to discuss the implementation technology, the mode and the effect of the belt breaking protection of the large-size belt conveyor.
The advantage of broken belt arrest is that the facilities are simple and the reliability is high. The disadvantage is that the tape length is long, the arresting point is large, and the daily maintenance workload is heavy, the maintenance can not keep up the reliability and will be discounted. Therefore, all kinds of ways are constantly exploring and improving. Monitoring techniques and methods In order to improve the transport capacity of the belt conveyor, a pressed steel cord core technology is used on the tape, so monitoring the damage of the steel cord core can predict the possibility of tape breakage. Foreign use of magnetic induction principle to detect the steel cord core, developed a * CBM detector. "The detector is by the upper and lower sensors on the middle of the steel cord detection, the detection signal processing, display, we can know the steel cord core Damage situation.In recent years, the domestic electromagnetic induction type steel cord in-line testing technology research and application
Discussion and Suggestion on Broken Belt Protection There are some shortcomings in the application of broken belt protection in the field at present in China. The main defects are as follows: the disadvantage of the magnetic induction detection method is that the detection output is in the form of relative data value, Fault accuracy is more difficult. In particular, the professional qualifications of judges are required to be high, and there are fewer on-site personnel in the field. At the same time, the amount of data to be inspected is also large and the labor intensity is high. It is recommended to develop software with identification ability and form the auto-prompt or report button (down to page 80). Since the main, backup, backup 3 and main 4 4 contacts are normally open, the two relay magnetic lines in the switching device Circle owners and t are no electricity, 2 fans are in power outage locked state. Stop wind and protect themselves safely: When both fans are stopped due to power failure, once the power supply is restored, neither of the 2 turbines will start its own operation, so as to avoid self-blowing when the gas exceeds the limit and is not treated. A wind blow "security risks.

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