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The belt conveyor has a hand hydraulic directional control valve. The hand hydraulic reversing valve is a three-position four-way reversing valve with two control modes: manual control and hydraulic control. Through this valve, the pressure oil can enter the different oil chambers of the height adjustment cylinder, thereby completing the conveying work of the conveying equipment.
Two electromagnetic reversing valves are also mounted on the hand hydraulic reversing valve block of the belt conveyor. The oil outlet of the valve is connected to the control port of the hand-operated reversing valve. Through its reversal, the low-pressure oil from the fine filter can be applied to one end of the hand-operated reversing valve spool to change its working position. Thereby completing the control of the conveying device.

We know that a pressure relay is installed on the belt conveyor equipment. When the pressure of the low pressure oil cannot establish sufficient pressure due to pipeline leakage, component leakage or failure of the low pressure relief valve, the pressure relay will send an electrical signal to make The brake solenoid valve generates an action, the brake oil circuit is unloaded, and the conveying device stops conveying, so that the maintenance personnel can find the cause and eliminate the malfunction.