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Drum Pulley
Drum Pulley
Drum Pulley
Drum Pulley

Drum Pulley

Drum Pulley Feature:
Heavy duty one-piece rim construction with submerged arc weldments.
Multiple shaft attachment options available (HE, XT, QD or Taper-Lock).
Available from stock with taper-compression hubs and a variety of lagging options, including standard stock SBR rubber, D-LAG natural rubber or vulcanized ceramic lagging.

Product Details

TX ROLLER represent the highest quality motorized pulley to assist our customers in helping make their plant/mine/facility to become more efficient, safe and productive.

Modification & Accessories:
Custom shafting in 45# or 55# steel.
HE, XT, Taper-Lock or QD compression hubs.
Complete assemblies available with pulley, bushings, shafting and bearings.
SBR, Neoprene or D-LAG vulcanized lagging from 6.35mm thickness up to 25.4 thick or 25mm thick ceramic lagging.

Conveyor Pulley Type:
Head pulley
Tail pulley
Motorized pulley
Drive pulley
Drum pulley
Snub pulley
Bend pulley

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